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When you choose to work with one of the top 1% of San Francisco realtors – the most proven performers in the market – you can feel confident they’re all doing the right things on the technical side of your transaction. The differentiating factor, then, often comes down to character and chemistry. What type of person are they? Are they easy to work with? Do we share the same personal values? How do I know they’re looking out for my best interests? This is where Dino Zuzic and his team shine brightest, as his own clients can attest …

Perseverance helps client meet his goal

I received a call from Mr. David Thompson in response to a letter I’d written him inquiring if he’d be interested in selling his Cow Hollow home. I’d reached out to him because I had a few Buyer clients interested in that tight-inventory neighborhood. He sounded elderly and perhaps frail, and he asked to meet face-to-face.

I quickly learned Mr. Thompson was a brilliant man and very firm in how he wanted to conduct the marketing and offering of his home. Ultimately, I agreed to his terms, which involved a very aggressive asking price and off-market approach. Mr. Thompson was adamant about getting $5 million. He also asked me to be very discerning as to whom I brought to the property. Further, he requested to be present and meet the prospective Buyer, which was unorthodox in nature.

Nevertheless, I agreed and catered to his wishes. After dozens of showings over a 12-month period, we concluded that we needed to go to the broader market via MLS, and also adjust the price. So at the start of the following Spring we came out live at $4.2 million.

Through the course of marketing and unearthing new information on the property via due diligence we learned of some material issues that would hamper price. We received a competitive offer and began negotiations. But through the course, Mr. Thompson became very ill with blood clotting issues and overall strength, and he was admitted to the hospital to gain stability and support.

Phot of Dino and Mr ThompsonPictured here is a photo taken by Mr. Thompson’s partner of him and I ratifying a sales contract. Nearly a three-year process that resulted in such an incredible culmination of events and decisions made to this point. The timing could not have been more imminent for Mr. Thompson, as he passed away three days after signing the contract. He truly embodied fearlessness and focus, as proudly his end goal was ultimately achieved.

Behind the numbers, residential real estate is a people business

It’s no secret. The Bay Area real estate market is extremely competitive. Not only for buyers and sellers, but for the agents themselves. It often takes just the right blend of creativity, hustle and perseverance to earn a listing. And sometimes it just requires you to be your own genuine self.

Moved and privileged to represent this seller

Let me share with you this brief anecdote about one of the proudest moments I’ve experienced in my real estate career involving a kind, lovely man named James Koentopp.

Photo of JamesI met James in passing when my wife and I bought our home around the corner from his. He was a real fixture in the neighborhood; been there 40-plus years. An architect by trade, he was very active in civic and community events.

He seemed to know everyone. I never got into any deep conversations with James, as we’d simply say hello in passing or share our thoughts on a recent home for sale in the ‘hood.

One day, I received a voicemail from a woman who identified herself as James’ fiduciary. I had no idea what it pertained to, but I phoned her back. The news she shared was very sad. James had passed away after an off-and-on again battle with cancer.

I got emotional from the thought, and once I was able to regain myself she said that James actually noted me in his Trust to be the assigned real estate agent in representing the preparation, marketing, and sale of his home.

I was beyond moved and felt incredibly privileged to have such an honor bestowed on me. James knew dozens of competent real estate agents given his architecture background and involvement in the neighborhood, but elected that I have the bountiful duty of marketing his beloved Victorian home.

Other Client Successes

House Photo
Dino is a class act! As a broker’s broker, I hired Dino Zuzic to take care of selling our Noe Valley condominium while I, a seasoned realtor, was away on an extended vacation. Dino took care of everything!!! From the staging to the painting, the place was magnificent and sold within two weeks with multiple offers! He’s sincere, knowledgeable and completely spot on. My advice would be to follow his lead and hire him to execute your real estate needs. Five stars!

Nane J.

Home Living Room Photo Unlike many agents, Dino is an analytical thinker that looks at both fundamentals and market trends when guiding you through the process. He tends to have a "Sixth Sense" for home value and what's happening in the marketplace.

Marco D.

Home Living Room Photo Working with Dino is an absolute pleasure. He is a creative dealmaker and well regarded by his clients and other agents.

Sonia W.

Home Kitchen Photo Dino was highly recommended to me by a business partner (whose business savvy and judgment I trust completely) and he performed!

Anna G.

Home Entrance Photo I hired Dino to assist in selling a property and found him to be one of the most professional, personable, and results driven individuals I have met.

Rob H.

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